Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: "Moved to Boston"
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 06
Signs of Carcosa
Traits: Ongoing - Rumor
Color: Blue
Difficulty: Easy
Icons: Spawn Clues, Place Eldritch Tokens (4)

Card Front

Flavor Text: The street is eerily quiet for the middle of the day. Doors are locked and windows are boarded up. Each closed shop bears a sign indicating that the owner has left and has no plans to return.
Effect: An Asset cannot be placed in a space of the reserve that contains an Eldritch token.

After an investigator performs the Acquire Assets action, he may spend Clues equal to the number of Eldritch tokens on this card to solve this Rumor.

Reckoning: Discard 1 Asset from the reserve and place 1 Eldritch token from this card on that space of the reserve.