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The Ex-Convict


  • Action: You may discard 1 Item or Trinket Asset to gain 1 Item or Trinket Asset of your choice from the reserve with value equal to or less than 1 + the value of the discarded Asset.
  • Whenever you roll a 1 during a test, you may reroll that die.

Flavor Text


"I didn't get out of the joint just to watch the world end."


Skids got put away on two counts of bank robbery, but he never hurt anybody. His cellmate, Brad Hollins, killed nine people. Hollins said that an alien creature made him do it. Over the years, Hollins said a lot of strange things about the "Ancient Ones." He said that he needed to get to Argentina to stop them. Skids didn't give it much thought until the night Hollins burst into flames. When Skids got paroled, he couldn't shake the thought of these "Ancient Ones."

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

Skids' laywer turns over all of his belongings to you. Gain all of his possessions. He tells you that Skids is hurt very badly, and he's being tried for murder. You do what you can to convince the court of his innocence (Influence). If you pass, Skids is declared not guilty, and he shares everything he knows before retiring in a quiet life; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, Skids get a life sentence with no hope for parole; you later hear that Skids was killed in a prison fight. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

After a long crime spree, Skids has agreed to surrender himself to you. As a show of good faith, he gives you everything he has. Gain all of his possessions. When you see him, you can tell the Skids you once knew is gone and this was a trap. He attacks, hoping to get your valuables (Strength). If you pass, you overpower him and find the treasure Skids has stolen; improve Influence and gain 1 Relic Unique Asset. If you fail, the police intervene and Skids is killed trying to escape. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Team Role

Skids excels at combat due to his strong starting weapon and character Action, letting him trade-up his weapon for a better one from the reserve without the help of an Influence character. He is also a decent all-rounder due to his passive ability giving him slightly improved odds on every test, and can be sent to deal with Mysteries, Rumors, or gates as the team requires.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • If Skids wants to trade a Unique Asset using his active ability, he will be able to gain an Item or Trinket Asset from the reserve with value equal to one plus no value (effectively value zero), a total of value one.
  • Effects that require Skids to roll a die not as part of a test are not affected by his passive ability. Example: The roll on a Dark Pact Condition.
  • Skids may reroll each 1 he rolls during a test, even if it was the result of a reroll. The result of a reroll is treated as if that is what that die had originally rolled. In effect, Skids will almost never roll a 1 during a test. A notable exception is listed below:
    • If an effect causes all die rolls to be treated as 1's, such as the "Tied to a Dark Purpose" Mythos card, Skids will continue to roll 1's. He can reroll these dice if he wishes, but he will continue to roll only 1's. For this reason, rerolling these dice will have no effect.


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