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During the Action Phase, each investigator may perform up to two actions. The Lead Investigator performs his two actions first, then proceeding clockwise around the play area, each other investigator performs his two actions.

  • Each investigator is restricted to resolving each action once per round. Marie Lambeau is capable of performing the same action twice in a round.
  • If an investigator cannot or does not wish to perform an action, he may choose not to perform his action or actions.
  • An investigator must fully resolve an action before performing another action. For example, he cannot interrupt a Travel action with a Trade action, and then continue moving.
  • An investigator with a Lost in Time and Space condition skips this phase.
  • An investigator with a Detained Condition may only undertake the action on the card. He may not perform any other actions.
  • A Delayed investigator can only stand back up during this phase, undertaking no other actions. If the investigator, for some reason, is delayed during the Action Phase, the investigator does not become Delayed, instead, the Action Phase immediately ends for that investigator.

Investigators may perform the following actions: