Eldritch Horror Wiki

The Adventure card is a card that can be used in Eldritch Horror. Similar to a Mystery, an Adventure is a multi-level encounter that will take the player around the world to accomplish various tasks. The adventure will designate a location to place the Adventure token. The player is tasked to go to this place, usually resolve a test, spend Clues, Focus, or other Assets in order to advance the Adventure, much as they would for a Mystery. They will always give a type of benefit, sometimes advancing the active Mystery, granting Unique Assets, or Artifacts.

Oftentimes, Adventures are started with a Prelude, in which the player uses the adventure listed on the card. However, players may choose to pick an adventure to start the game if they wish, particularly if they wish to use a side board without the subsequent Ancient One or Prelude in play.

If Nyarlathotep is the Ancient One, all Mysteries are Adventures, and must be completed. Otherwise, Adventures are optional.

Antarctica Adventures

The Antarctica adventures are introduced with the Mountains of Madness expansion and use the Antarctica side board. They must be used when playing the Doomsayer from Antarctica Prelude.

Adventure Name Adventure Stage
Raising Funds for an Expedition I
Discovery of an Ancient Civilization I
Seeds of Darkness I
Gathering Provisions I
Attack on Miskatonic Outpost II
Excavating the Elder Things II
Through the Mountains II
Through the Frozen Waste II
Beyond the Mountains III
Exploring the City of the Elder Things III
The Beast Under the City III
Journey to Another World III

Museum Heist Adventures

The Museum Heist adventures are introduced with the Under the Pyramids expansion and use the Egypt side board. They must be used when playing the Under the Pyramids Prelude.

Adventure Name Adventure Stage
Framed For Theft I
A Lead in Alexandria II
A Lead in Tel el-Amarna II
Chase in the Desert III
Chase on the River III
Proof of Innocence IV

Cosmic Alignment Adventures

The Cosmic Alignment adventures are introduced with the Strange Remnants expansion. They are used when playing the In Cosmic Alignment Prelude and require the Mystic Ruins Encounter deck to be in play.

Adventure Name Adventure Stage
Discovery of a Cosmic Syzygy I
Ruins Under the Stars II
Ruins in the Heart of the Jungle II
Relics of the Pyramids III
Relics of the Amazon III
Ritual at the Final Hour IV

Otherworldly Dreams Adventures

The Otherworldly Dreams adventures are introduced with The Dreamlands expansion. They are used when playing the Otherworldly Dreams Prelude and require the Dreamlands side board to be in play.

Adventure Name Adventure Stage
A Chance Encounter I
The Cats of Ulthar II
The Merchants of Dylath-Leen II
King Kuranes of Celephais II
Beyond the River Skai III
Aboard the Black Galley III
The Blessings of Nodens III
The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath IV

Nyarlathotep's Mysteries

All of Nyarlathotep's mysteries involve completing adventures. The active Mystery card will select which adventure to start with.

Adventure Name Adventure Stage
Investigating the Great Sphinx I
Labyrinth of Queen Nitocris II
Eye of Light III
Mountain of the Black Wind I
Attacked in Transit II
God of the Bloody Tongue III
Eye of Darkness I
To Gray Dragon Island II
The Bloated Woman III
Outback Investigation I
The City Beneath the Sands II
Hour of the Sand Bat III