Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Agency Secrets
Card Type: Unique Asset
Tags: Item
Effect No
Action Yes
Reckoning No
Variants: 4

Card Front

Effect: N/A
Action: Test Influence. If you pass, you strike a deal with the Agency to assist one another; flip this card.
Reckoning: N/A

Card Back

Flip Title Set Flavor Text Effects
1 08
Cities in Ruin
Shortly after your delivery is received, several large men armed with Thompsons are ordered to await your command. Resolve one effect of your choice:
  • One Monster of your choice on any space loses 1 Health Health. Then flip this card.
  • Each Monster on a space of your choice loses 3 Health Health. Then discard this card.
2 08
Cities in Ruin
Ramsay makes small talk over coffee, but you know his talk of world events is not without purpose. Ultimately, he asks the question he always has: "Are you ready to make a deal?" Resolve one effect of your choice:
  • Spawn 1 Clue or gain 1 Clue from a City space. Then flip this card.
  • You may spend 3 Clues to advance the active Mystery by 1. Then discard this card.
3 08
Cities in Ruin
Phones start ringing and orders start coming down from on high to stay out of your way. Resolve one effect of your choice:
  • Retreat Doom by 1. Then discard this card.
4 08
Cities in Ruin
You hear the ticking of their watches before you see them. The agents soon have you in a hypnotic trance. You wake up to find you have been altered. Resolve one effect of your choice:
  • You may spend 1 Health Health to gain 1 Talent Condition. Then flip this card.
  • Improve 1 skill of your choice. You may discard any number of your Conditions. Then discard this card.