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"The Order of Rising Stars"

Card Details


Antediluvium is an Ancient One from the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion.


When a Gate spawns that corresponds to the blue Omen, spawn 1 Cultist Monster on that Gate.

When the Omen advances to the blue space of the Omen track, Investigators as a group lose Sanity equal to the amount of Sanity on this sheet. Then discard one Sanity from this sheet.

When Doom advances to zero, flip this sheet and resolve the "The Stars Align!" effect on the back

Normal Victory

When 3 Mysteries have been solved, Investigators have won the game.


The players have 13 spaces on the Doom counter before Antediluvium awakens.

Flavor Text

Each night, the stars move closer to their ultimate alignment."


Reckoning: Place 1 Sanity on the Ancient One sheet.


Set aside 5 Cultist Monsters and 1 Deep One Monster.

Set up the Mystic Ruins Encounter deck.

Place 1 Eldritch Token on each blue space of the Omen and Sanity equal to NoInvestigators on this sheet.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 1 2 1
Stage II 2 3 1
Stage III 2 4 0


Mystery token.png
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Antediluvium is a Latin word that means "Before the Flood". It is often referenced by the Biblical flood mentioned in the Book of Genesis.