Eldritch Horror Wiki
Mystery Name: At the Mountains of Madness
Ancient One: Elder Things
Expansion: 03
Mountains of Madness
Requires Clues: No
Requires Spells: No
Eldritch Tokens Placed: Yes
Requires Artifact: No
Epic Monster: No

Flavor Text

The reason the elder things left Antarctica is unclear. Exploring the frozen continent is the only way to find the answer.

Mystery Conditions

When this card enters play, place 1 Eldritch token on each of the following spaces: Lake Camp, Frozen Waste, Snowy Mountains, and City of the Elder Things.

After an investigator resolves an encounter on a space containing an Eldritch token, he may spend 2 Clues to place that Eldritch token on this card.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Eldritch tokens on this card equal to half NoInvestigators, solve this Mystery.