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"The Dreamweaver"

Card Details


Atlach-Nacha is an Ancient One from The Dreamlands expansion.


Reckoning.png: Spawn 1 Gate unless investigators as a group discard a total number of Clues and/or Spells equal to half NoInvestigators.

Normal Victory

When 3 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.


The players have 9 spaces on the Doom counter before Atlach-Nacha awakens.

Flavor Text

Ever-weaving, ever watching, should Atlach-Nacha ever complete her empyrean masterpiece, it would merge the firmaments of the Dreamlands and reality into a single cosmic ingress, opening the way for the horrors of the Underworld to wage war upon the cities of humanity.


Whenever this Monster is spawned, move it to the nearest space that does not contain a Gate or a Monster.


Set aside the Leng Spider Monster. The Lead Investigator gains 1 Spell.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 1 2 1
Stage II 3 2 1
Stage III 2 4 0