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Invasion of the Elder Things.png
Antarctica Adventure - Stage II

Flavor Text

The dogs jump and lunge in a frenzy, but they're no match for the monstrosities. Somehow, the ancient cadavers have sprung to life, intent on butchering the expedition's crew.

Adventure Conditions

When this card enters play, spawn the Crazed Elder Thing Epic Monster on Miskatonic Outpost.

When this Adventure is completed, advance the active Mystery Mystery by 1; then draw a random Antarctica III Adventure.

When an investigator encounters the Crazed Elder Thing Epic Monster, before resolving the Will test, he may spend Focus 1 Focus. If he does not spend the Focus, he fails the Will test.

When the Crazed Elder Thing Epic Monster is defeated, complete this Adventure.


This Adventure is only available when playing with the Mountains of Madness Mountains of Madness expansion, when the Doomsayer from Antarctica Prelude is active.