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Gloria Goldberg small.png
Personal Story for Gloria Goldberg.

Flavor Text

Sometimes the well of inspiration runs dry, and the only way to refill it is to get out there and experience the world. Time to take risks and show the world that you are not done with it yet.

Personal Story

  • When a Mystery is solved, discard this card and gain the Inspiration Reward
  • At the end of the Encounter Phase, if there are 5 or more Gates on the game board, discard this card and gain the Captivated Consequence.

Reward: Inspiration

  • After you perform an action of a Tome Possession, you may recover Sanity 1 Sanity, gain 1 Focus, or spend 1 Sanity or 1 Focus to gain 1 Clue.

Consequence: Captivated

  • You must perform the action of a Tome Possession each round if able.