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Name: Blunderbuss
Card Type: Asset
Expansion: 03
Mountains of Madness
Cost 2
Tags: Item - Weapon
Effect Yes
Action No
Skill Bonus: Strength
Reroll: No
Additional Dice: No
One-Shot: No
Reckoning No

Card Effect

When resolving a Combat Encounter, you may gain +2 Strength. If you do, each 6 you roll when resolving a Strength test during a Combat Encounter counts as 2 successes and each 1 negates 1 success.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • The choice to use the Blunderbuss must be made before dice are rolled. [1]
  • If you choose to gain the bonus, but apply a different (higher) bonus, 6's and 1's will still be affected. [1]
  • The "each 6 counts as 2 successes" effect is not a multiplication. If several effects tell you that "each 6 counts as 2 successes" then it's still just 2 successes per each 6 rolled.
  • The "each 6 you roll" wording refers to the final dice result, after all rerolls and other dice result manipulation are applied.
  • When resolving any test you must always add a single, highest applicable, bonus.
    • If you choose not to gain the bonus from Blunderbuss, then it's not applicable.


Wilson Richards Wilson Richards starts with this item.


  1. 1.0 1.1 The blunderbuss has a potential negative effect in that rolling 1’s will negate successes. It may be that an investigator does not wish to use this effect. For this reason, the bonus and the other effect are tied to an option on the investigator’s part. The investigator may choose to both gain the bonus and the other effects (6’s are two success and 1’s negates successes). Even if the investigator applies a higher bonus from another effect, the 6’s and 1’s will still be affected. Please note however, the choice to use the effects of the blunderbuss must be made before dice are rolled. — Nikki Valens