Eldritch Horror Wiki

Mystery Quick Reference

Name: Bringer of Ruin
Card Type: Mystery
Ancient One: Shudde M'ell
Expansion: Cities in Ruin
Requires Clue: Yes
Requires Spells: No
Eldritch Tokens: No
Required Items: No
Monster: No
Mystery Type: Research Encounter

Flavor Text

Every twenty-three years, the great worm Shudde M'ell returns to the lost city of G'harne to commune with his children, stirring them into a frenzy and inciting them to bring ruin to the civilized cities above.

Mystery Text

After an investigator resolves a Research Encounter, he may spend 1 Clue he gained from that encounter and place that Clue on this card.

At the end of the Mythos Phase, if there are Clues on this card equal to NoInvestigators, solve this Mystery.