Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is a large City space connecting to many spaces in the lower portion of the map. An encounter here will more than likely grant a Ritual spell when undertaken.

Mentioned Places and Institutions

  • Cervantes Theatre
  • University of Buenos Aires

Real World Location

Buenos Aires is the largest city and capital of Argentina.


Location Encounters

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ID # Expansion Encounter
1 01Core In an ancient underground chamber, you study strange scientific and magic paraphernalia once used by the Serpent Men ( Lore.png ). If you pass, you manipulate the devices to transform yourself and gain a Blessed Condition. If you fail, the devices remain utterly alien; lose Sanity Icon.png 2 Sanity.
2 01Core You sneak into the temple and overhear the rough croaking of deep ones chanting. You recognize familiar elements to the words they are intoning ( Lore.png ). If you pass, gain 1 Ritual Spell. If you fail, it's nothing more than horrific noise; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity.
3 01Core The museum's curator shows you a unique golden jewel that was recovered from the sea. You believe that the symbols on it indicate that something is hidden inside ( Lore.png +1). If you pass, you reveal a small scroll; gain 1 Spell. If you fail, you damage the jewel and must pay for the repairs; gain a Debt Condition.
4 01Core A student has been studying the university's copy of the Necronomicon and is eager to share what he's learned in exchange for hearing what you know. You may spend 1 Clue to share what you know and gain 1 Ritual Spell.
5 01Core You sneak aboard a ship loaded with stolen antiquities, including an ancient stone table. Reading it, you gain 1 Ritual Spell. Memorizing the words, you feel yourself slipping into a trance ( Will.png ). If you fail, you wake up imprisoned for theft; gain a Detained Condition.
6 01Core An old woman warns you that you've angered Yig and teaches you a protective chant. Gain 1 Ritual Spell. Concerned that she may be right, you learn all you can about Yig ( Lore.png ). If you fail, you learn nothing; gain a Paranoia Condition.
7 01Core At the hospital you find a bald, old man with leathery skin and a flat face. He speaks very slowly, but his story is fascinating. You may become Delayed to gain 2 Spells as he recounts all the details of his time worshiping the Father of Serpents.
8 01Core A copy of the Necronomicon is kept at the University of Buenos Aires, but the librarian tells you that it's not available for viewing at this time. You try to convince him of the book's importance ( Influence.png ). If you pass, he relents and allows you a brief look at the book; gain 1 Ritual Spell.
9 FL Symbol - Small.png The subway car stops, and you hear the sound of hissing voices in the dark ( Observation.png -1). If you pass, you discern the phrases being whispered; gain 1 Ritual Spell. If you fail, the voices haunt you even after the lights are restored; gain a Hallucinations Condition.
10 FL Symbol - Small.png You visit the University's former librarian and find that he owns many ancient parchments and scrolls ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, gain 2 Spells. If you fail, you discover a terrible set of runes; discard half of your Spells.
11 FL Symbol - Small.png A well-dressed man is browsing for antique books. Something about him seems strange ( Observation.png ). If you pass, you see that he's one of the serpent people in disguise; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity and gain 1 Clue. If you fail, his identity remains a mystery; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition.
12 FL Symbol - Small.png The King in Yellow is being performed at the Cervantes Theatre. The play seems to infect your mind ( Will.png ). If you pass, you commit a key passage of the script to memory; gain 1 Ritual Spell. If you fail, madness seizes you; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition.
13 FL Symbol - Small.png You hear the sad tale of Rufina who died after her beloved was unfaithful. Riddled with guilt, her lover used dark magic to bring her back from death. You search for signs of the spell he used ( Observation.png -1). If you pass, gain a Healing Words Spell. If you fail, you hear her voice from beyond; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity.
14 FL Symbol - Small.png You discover a dying serpent person. There's evidence that deep ones interrogated it. The creature repeats a strange phrase ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, gain 1 Clue and 1 Ritual Spell. If you fail, the creature's dying words hinder your thoughts; lose Sanity Icon.png 1 Sanity and discard 1 Spell.
15 FL Symbol - Small.png You find a hidden altar to Dagon. The police are eager to destroy the shrine, so you quickly study the sigils before they're removed ( Lore.png ). If you pass, gain 1 Ritual Spell. If you fail, you have a sudden, terrible vision of drowning; lose Sanity Icon.png 2 Sanity.
16 FL Symbol - Small.png The cult left their sacrifice to die in a pit of scorpions. You may gain a Poisoned Condition to save him. If you gain the Condition, he recalls the ritual in detail; gain a Poison Mist Spell. If you do not gain the Condition, he is buried under the crawling mass; lose Sanity Icon.png 2 Sanity.
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