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Personal Story for Patrice Hathaway.

Flavor Text

With each incident, the dark forces that gnaw at the back of your mind grow stronger You pour your heart and soul into your music, knowing that each performance might be your last.

Personal Story

  • After you perform your action ability, if you have 3 or more Improvement tokens, discard this card and gain the Inspiring Virtuoso Reward.
  • At the end of the Encounter Phase, if there are Clues on the game board equal to or greater than NoInvestigators + 6 discard this card and gain the Chant du Cygne Consequence.

Reward: Inspiring Virtuoso

  • Once per round, when a Gate spawns, gain 1 Clue.
  • You may allow another investigator on any space to spend your Clues.

Consequence: Chant du Cygne

  • When you gain this card, spawn 1 Gate.
  • You roll a maximum of 3 dice when resolving tests.