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The Psychologist


  • Action: You or another investigator on your space may discard 1 Madness Condition and/or perform a Rest Action
  • When another investigator performs a Rest Action on your space, they may gain 1 additional Sanity Sanity

Flavor Text


"The mad deserve peace of mind, not death of the spirit."


When Carolyn Fern's latest patient, Malachi, told her of his troubled nightmares, she never expected that he would turn up dead the very next day, murdered by the very weapon of which he dreamed. A gifted psychologist and skilled in the art of hypnosis, Carolyn has been following clues Malachi left in his diary across two continents. Convinced that Malachi's death is in some way connected to the growing unrest in the world, she is determined to uncover the truth that lies behind the murder of her former patient.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

Carolyn contacts you after her sudden hospitalization to let you know that she is sending you some of her things. Gain all of her possessions. You pry, trying to find out what happened, but she is reluctant to share anything with you (Influence). If you pass, she finally relents and you learn of a few promising leads that she was pursuing when she was injured; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, she shuts you out, unwilling to discuss the circumstances that nearly ended her life. Whether you pass or not, discard her Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

When you arrive at the asylum, the head psychiatrist hands you a bag with all of Carolyn's personal effects. Gain all of her possessions. He asks if you would like to observe the session, but you are not sure if you can bear to see what Carolyn has become (Will). If you pass, you watch as Carolyn is hypnotized and, amidst all of the nonsensical gibberish, you learn a little about what broke her mind; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you leave the asylum for good. Whether you pass or not, discard her Investigator token.

Team Role

Carolyn has a great Will and a decent Influence, making her well suited for most encounters she'll undertake. Her Dream Diary allows her to succeed on Other World Encounters, and it spawn Clues whenever she rests, so she can populate the board with Clues. Her other starting asset allows her to retreat Doom when a Mystery is solved, making her helpful when dealing with an Ancient One that has a low Doom, like Atlach-Nacha or Yig. Carolyn can help recover additional Sanity to investigators on her space, so Ancient Ones who deal Sanity damage, like Hastur, Hypnos, or Nephren-Ka are much easier with her in play.


One of the Investigators in the original Arkham Horror board game published by Chaosium in 1987, in which she was the blue pawn.