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The Butler


  • Action: Perform a Trade action. Then perform 1 additional action.
  • Whenever you or another investigator on your space performs a Prepare for Travel action, that investigator gains 1 additional travel ticket of his choice.

Flavor Text


"Think of the children."


Carson still often thinks back to that fateful night when his friend and employer, one Mr. Hercule Webb, was swallowed up by a dimensional tear, never to be seen again. With Mr. Webb's disappearance, the Webb estate fell into the hands of the Webb's duplicitous business manager, a man by the name of Dupuis. As the sole provider for the Webb children, Carson has devoted himself to proving Dupuis's involvement in the events of Hercule's disappearance and to restoring the children as the rightful heirs to the Webb fortune.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

A combination of Carson's age and injuries have conspired to render him fully paralyzed and unable to see his responsibilities. Gain all of his possessions. You try to arrange for the Webb children to be taken care of in his stead (Influence). If you pass, Carson is grateful, and provides you with a detailed account of his investigations; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, the Webb children become homeless and Carson refuses to speak you for the remainder of his life. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

You find Carson at the Webb estate, his things forgotten in a dusty corner. Gain all of his possessions. The Webb children are nowhere to be seen. Dupuis stands at Carson's side and together, they seem to be preparing for some kind of occult experiment (Observation). If you pass, you recognize the ritual as the one from Carson's stories and plead with him to end the madness; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you never hear from Carson after that day. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Team Role

Carson can facilitate travel quickly with his actions, making him useful to support another investigator. He's also got very balanced stats that will help him in most situations, especially since he can get assets by trading as a free action. He is good partners with Jenny Barnes Jenny Barnes or Preston Fairmont Preston Fairmont.


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