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The fourth card-only expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

CiR Box.jpg
Release July 06, 2017
Symbol 08
Cities in Ruin
Type Card Only
Board None
Investigators 4
Ancient Ones 1

Expansion Overview

In the Cities in Ruin expansion, investigators must discover the cause of the unnatural disasters—terrifying earthquakes that shake cities to rubble, devastating typhoons that flood the coastlines, and torrential storms that wreak havoc on the mainlands.

This expansion includes a new Ancient One and new investigators and encounters to be used with Eldritch Horror. It also introduces entirely new mechanics including Disasters, Devastation Encounters, and Unique Assets.

Box Contents

This expansion introduces Disaster mechanics. It also contains Glamour spells, Talent Conditions, Unique Assets and Preludes.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains the following Ancient One:

Shudde M'ell

Shudde M'ell has 6 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 8 Special Encounter cards (Exploring G'harne). It uses 16 Disaster cards and 16 Devastation Encounter cards.

Shudde Mell Small.png
Mystey Type
Bringer of Ruin Research Encounter
Disaster Relief Effort Misc.
Exploring G'harne Special Encounter
Renewing the Seal Eldritch Tokens
The Burrowers Beneath Epic Monster
The Worldrender Epic Monster


This box contains the 4 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Fetch Stick Item, Magical, Weapon
G'harne Fragments Item, Relic, Tome
Tikkoun Elixir Item, Elixir
Vach-Viraj Chant Item, Magical, Tome


The box contains 12 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Beast Within Glamour
Occult Exaltation Ritual
Spectral Razor Incantation


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
Agency Stakeout Service 3
Arcane Sutra Item, Tome 3
Forbidden Secrets Item, Tome 2
Gatling Gun Item, Weapon 4
Grisly Totem Trinket, Magical 3
Lodge Hunter Ally 4
Mauser C96 Item, Weapon 2
Mission Briefing Service 1
Mystic Scroll Item, Tome 1
News Report Service 1
Occult Scripture Item, Tome 3
Painkillers Trinket 1
Private Flight Service 2
Silver Twilight Host Service 3
Training Regimen Service 2
Winchester Rifle Item, Weapon 2

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 24 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Agency Secrets Item 4
Agent Callahan Ally - Character 1
Amery Wendy-Smith Ally - Character 1
Courier Run Task 4
Duke Ally 1
For the Greater Good Task 3
Light of Reason Task 3
Professor Morgan Ally - Character 1
Seeking the Masters Task 3
Wave of Destruction Task 3


It contains 20 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Attuned Talent 2
Blessed Boon 1
Cursed Bane 1
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 1
Guts Talent 2
Practiced Talent 2
Quick Study Talent 2
Relentless Talent 2
Rugged Talent 2
Terror Madness 4


The box contains 4 Prelude cards listed here.

Prelude Mechanic used
Apocalypse Nigh Shudde M'ell
Fall of Man Disaster
The Price of Prestige Task Unique Assets
You Know What You Must Do For the Greater Good Unique Asset


It also contains the 24 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
Abandon Hope Yellow Hard
Accursed Fortune Green Medium
Augur of Destruction Yellow Hard
Bad Karma Green Hard
Best Laid Plans Yellow Medium
Blood Rites Yellow Hard
Burn It All Down Yellow Easy
Candles in the Window Green Easy
Cosmic Backlash Green Easy
Exploring the Crater Blue Medium
Hideous Apparitions Yellow Medium
Mission Delores Blue Easy
Old Wounds Yellow Medium
Plague of Misfortune Yellow Hard
Return to G'harne Blue Hard
Safe Haven Yellow Easy
Spa Resort Weekend Yellow Easy
The Earth Will Shake Green Hard
The End Justifies the Means Yellow Medium
The Harder They Fall Yellow Medium
The Invisible Maze Green Medium
The Sky is Bleeding Green Hard
What Lies Beneath Green Medium
You Are Not Prepared Green Medium


The expansion contains 10 Monster tokens (4 normal, 6 epic).

Name Class Count
Ancient Cthonian Epic 4
Formless Spawn Normal 1
Leopard Man Normal 1
Shudde M'ell Epic 1
Yithian Normal 1
Young Cthonian Normal 1
Worldrender Epic 1