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Card Overview

Name: City of the Great Race[1]
Card Type: Other World Encounter
Test Required: Yes
Clue Required: Yes
Choice Allowed: No
Variants: 9

Encounter Details

ID # Set Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
On a high, stone shelf you find books containing the wisdom of both the distant past and the far-flung future. Unfortunately, the tomes were written using a series of strange curvilinear symbols. You do your best to translate the alien language (Lore-1). You decipher the means to return yourself to your own time; close this Gate. After you return, you forget your time with the Great Race, but a plagued by strange dreams (Will). If you pass, you explore these visions during your sleep; gain Clue 1 Clue. The symbols make no sense to you. You fear that you will be stuck here forever and search for a way home. You feel despair eating at you; lose Sanity 2 Sanity and gain a Paranoia Condition unless you spend Clue 1 Clue.
You are horrified to realize that the body you are inhabiting in this world is not your own. The shock of seeing yourself in an alien, conical shell threatens to shatter your mind (Will). You steel yourself against the horror of this alien body and try to recall the knowledge necessary to build a device that will return you to your body (Lore). If you pass, the machine works; close this Gate. If you fail, the machine malfunctions; lose Health 2 Health. The horrible truth shakes the foundations of your mind. You try to banish any knowledge of the arcane from your thoughts, but you lose your grip on reality. Gain a Hallucinations Condition unless you spend Clue 1 Clue.
You hear the sound of a terrible gust of wind and listen carefully to determine the origin of the sound. You may spend Clue 1 Clue to resolve the pass effect. If you do not spend the Clue, resolve the fail effect. Something large and powerful is trying to break through a sealed trap door. The racket is startling, and you consider running away (Will). If you pass, you resolve to fend off the terrible beast and, with the help of the Yithians, you close this Gate. If you fail, you flee in terror from approaching threat; lose Sanity 1 Sanity. Bursting up through an opening in the floor, a flying polyp attacks (Strength)! If you pass, the grateful Yithians help you; close this Gate. If you fail, the encounter leaves you bruised and shaken; lose Health 1 Health and Sanity 1 Sanity.
You find others who, like you, have had their consciousness pulled into alien bodies from throughout time. You try to convince them to share their knowledge (Influence). Their stories are highly illuminating. Gain Clue 2 Clues. They remind you of a ritual you researched that may provide you with a solution (Lore-1). If you pass, close this Gate. If you fail, your attempts only meet with failure; lose Sanity 1 Sanity. You gain nothing from speaking to them. Just being around them sets you on edge. Your mind might unhinge if you continue to push yourself without resting. Gain a Paranoia Condition and lose Sanity 1 Sanity unless you become Delayed.
30 03
Mountains of Madness
Something is wrong with the strange alien body in which you find yourself. The other Yithians sadly claim you have a disease for which there is no cure. You struggle to recover before your body rots from within (Strength-1). Your recovery amazes the Yithians, who restore you to your own body. Close this Gate. After that, a Yithian-controlled doctor puts you through several traumatic tests (Will). If you pass, a hidden truth about humanity is revealed; gain Clue 1 Clue. The illness worsens, and you beg the Yithians to help you in some way (Influence). If you fail, you wake up in your own body, but the alien sickness has trasfered to your human body; lose Health 2 Health and gain 1 Illness Condition.
41 04
Strange Remnants
One of the Yithians is incoherent, communicating only in occult gibberish. You learn that the creature swapped minds with a man and then died, leaving the person's thoughts trapped in this body. You try to understand what it is saying (Lore). It begs you to complete its work. You may gain an Agreement Condition to gain 1 Task Unique Asset. This bargain might convince the Yithians to return you home (Influence-2); roll 2 additional dice if you gained the Agreement Condition. If you pass, close this Gate. The message means nothing to you, and you panic. Gain a Paranoia Condition. Terrified, you try to force yourself back into your own body (Will). If you pass, close this Gate. If you fail, you succeed only in putting another hole in reality; spawn a Gate.
44 05
Under the Pyramids
One of the other Yithians claims to be an ancient Egyptian warrior in the army of Sneferu who drove

Nephren-Ka into hiding. You ask him to tell you the secrets of his struggles against the Dark Pharaoh (Influence).

Sympathetic to your cause, the warrior teaches

you a complicated chant (Lore). If you pass, the magic returns you to your body; dose this Gate. If you fail, the Dark Pharaoh's arcane power prevents your return; gain 1 Bane Condition.

The warrior does not trust you, and casts some

ancient spell against you (Will). If you pass, the warrior is impressed and insists that the Yithians return you; close this Gate. If you fail, the spell erases your identity; gain an Amnesia Condition.


  1. Refer to the Yithians