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Quick Reference

Name: Consecration
Card Type: Asset
Expansion: 04
Strange Remnants
Cost 2
Tags: Service
Effect Yes
Action No
Skill Bonus: N/A
Reroll: N/A
Additional Dice: N/A
One-Shot: Yes
Reckoning N/A

Card Effect

When you gain this card, immediately gain 1 Boon Condition.

Then discard this card.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

If you have a Blessed Condition, then gaining a Boon Condition will never give you a second Blessed Condition required to flip the card. [1]


  1. When an investigator gains a Condition with a specified trait, he searches the Condition deck for a Condition that has the specified trait that he does not already have. If he has a Blessed Condition and is looking for a Boon Condition, he would not be able to flip his Blessed. He would continue to search for a Boon he does not already have. — Nikki Valens