Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Corrupted Business
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 04
Strange Remnants
Traits: Ongoing
Color: Green
Difficulty: Medium
Icons: Advance Omen, Monster Surge, Spawn Clues

Card Front

Flavor Text: The threat of these ancient evils is not limited to forsaken temples and the world's uncharted depths. You see it now in every corner market. At every level of commerce, cruelty and deception have taken root.
Effect: When this card enters play, discard each Asset from the reserve with value 2 or less.

When an investigator performs an Acquire Assets action, he may gain an Agreement Condition to add 4 successes to his test result.

Reckoning: Each investigator loses 2 Sanity Sanity for each Deal Condition he has. Then discard this card.