Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Cultist
Monster Type: Normal
Expansion Core Game
Spawn Effect Varies
Reckoning Varies
Variants: 14

Monster Statistics

Horror Test: Varies
Horror: Varies
Damage Test: Varies
Damage: Varies
Toughness: Varies
Spawn Effect: Varies
Reckoning: Varies

Monster Special Abilities

Varies depending on Ancient One




Unlike most other Monsters, Cultists differ depending on which Ancient One is in play. All statistics, Reckoning, ways to deal with them, and any other details can be found on the Ancient One's sheet. If the Final Mystery is triggered, Cultists use the statistics on the back of the Ancient One sheet, and are typically tougher than before the Final Mystery triggered.

Some cultists, like for Elder Things or Hypnos, may not require a Combat check in order to deal with them. Others, like Abhoth are dealt with through Special Encounter.