Eldritch Horror Wiki

A Deal is a type of Condition. It represents a bargain struck with a being either mundane or supernatural, and has a wide variety of effects, both harmful and beneficial.

Deals may be obtained through various fashions depending on the type of deal.

There are five types of Deals: Debt, Agreement, or Dark Pact, all of which are harmful to the investigator. And then, there are two deals that benefit them: Funding and Promise of Power.

Debt and Agreements trigger on a Reckoning. Both can be avoided before that by spending an action and testing Influence, and in the case of an Agreement, by spending Clues. Typically, a Debt allows a die roll to avoid the negative effect, and is always discarded once resolved. Agreements do not offer a die roll, and provide a detrimental and possibly lethal effect.

A Dark Pact triggers a die roll on a Reckoning, and will trigger on a 1. Just like an agreement, they can have powerful negative effects, including instantly defeating an investigator. Removing a Dark Pact is difficult once it is made.

A Funding can trigger on a Reckoning to get it's benefit, which will usually end up discarding the card. It can also be discarded to remove a Debt Condition, or discarded to prevent gaining a Debt Condition.

The Promise of Power may be discarded at any time to reroll as many dice in one roll as a player wishes. On a Reckoning, the player rolls a die, and gains the full benefit if they roll a 6. The card is than discarded afterwards.