Eldritch Horror Wiki

Disaster is a game effect introduced in the Cities in Ruin that is used when Shudde M'ell is the Ancient One, or when a Prelude that allows for Disasters is used (Apocalypse Nigh or Fall of Man).

To play with Disasters, Eldritch Tokens are set up on the Ancient One's track on specific numbers specified on the Ancient One sheet or the Prelude. Whenever Doom advances to a position on the Doom Track with an Eldritch Token on it, the investigators draw one random Disaster, resolve its effects, then discard the Eldritch Token on the track. Other cards like Mythos cards or the backs of Conditions might also cause a Disaster.  

If more than one Disaster occurs at the same time, completely resolve one Disaster before resolving the next.  

Some Disasters will cause Devastation to occur on a space, and some will not. If all nine major cities are devastated, the players immediately lose the game.  

Title City Devastated
Unnatural Occurrences Leave Rome in Shambles! Rome
Tsunami Destroys Tokyo! Tokyo
Terrifying Creatures Overwhelm Arkham! Arkham
Sydney Burned To The Ground! Sydney
Shanghai Flooded! Shanghai
Meteors Fall On Istanbul! Istanbul
Hurricane Strikes Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires
Explosions in London! London
Earthquake Hits San Francisco! San Francisco
Waterspouts N/A
Upheaval N/A
Polar Vortex N/A
Otherworldly Rifts N/A
Meteor Showers N/A
Frozen Rails N/A
Destructive Cyclone N/A