Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

An expedition to Antarctica has unveiled a startling secret. Though only one man returned, he spoke of a lost city frozen in the mountains.

Most of his rantings were gibberish, but it is clear that he believed that something in this city would bring the downfall of mankind.

Given all the horrors you've seen, you hesitate to dismiss these fears outright. You find yourself preparing for a journey to the frozen south.

Prelude Conditions

During step 5 of setup ("Determine Ancient One"), set up the Antarctica side board.

After resolving setup, if Rise of the Elder Things is the Ancient One, spawn the Rampaging Shoggoth Epic Monster on Lake Camp. If Rise of the Elder Things is not the Ancient One, set aside all Antarctica Adventures and draw a random Antarctica I Adventure

Then the Lead Investigator may move to the space containing the Adventure token or to Miskatonic Outpost.