Dream Within a Dream (Special Encounter)

Initial Text Pass Effect Fail Effect
The skinless visage of a disembodied head manifests before you as you drift through a sea of aether. It whispers softly to you, insisting that the only way to save the world is to leave it. A pedestal appears before you, upon which lies a simple silver dagger, and you fight the urge to touch it ( Will.png -1). You lunge away from the face instead, and its exposed muscles tighten as it shrieks in rage. You scan the murky aether for a way to escape ( Observation.png ). If you pass, you find a tear in the aether and slip through; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the faces jinxes you to appear in its likeness and the skin on your face begins to flake and peel away; lose 1 Sanity. Before you can stop yourself, you grab the dagger and plunge it into your body. Gain 1 Injury Condition. Jolting awake, you quickly attempt to bandage your wound ( Lore.png ). If you fail, you lose a worrisome amount of blood as you fumble about; lose 2 Health.
As you lie in your bed, teetering between sleep and wakefulness, you realize suddenly that your body is completely immobilized. You are struck by the sensation of someone standing next to your bed, watching you, but you rationalize with yourself that this could not be the case ( Lore.png -1). Reason overcomes fear and as the terror passes, you call upon every fiber of your being to fight against the paralysis ( Will.png ). If you pass, you jolt upright in your bed, sweating profusely; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, you slip further and further into a sea of luminous black shapes, all the while remaining wholly unable to move; lose 1 Sanity. As you panic, the dream gives form to your fear, but you remain unable to move. Lose 1 Sanity. You plead with the manifestation to leave you in peace ( Influence.png -1). If you fail, the dark phantom tortures you while you lie helpless; lose 2 Health.
Your enjoyment of a lovely afternoon stroll through the park is cut tragically short as water begins to seep up from the ground around your ankles. The water is rising at an alarming rate and by the time it reaches your shoulders you begin to feel pangs of panic in the pit of your stomach ( Will.png -1). Finding that you are unable to wake, you instead perform a hasty ritual that will allow you to breathe underwater ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, the water eventually ceases trying to drown you and you wake soaked from head to toe; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, there is scarcely enough oxygen to stay conscious; gain 1 Madness Condition. You cough and sputter as water fills your lungs. Lose 2 Health. You try desperately to swim to the surface, but the current is pulling you under ( Strength.png -1). If you fail, your body is pushed beyond its limits in your desperation to stay alive; gain 1 Injury Condition.
You do not recall falling asleep, but you are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you are seeing cannot be reality. The sky has turned blood-red, and a river of dark, crimson liquid flows towards the horizon. You attempt to discern the source of the nightmare ( Lore.png -1). You sense a disturbance in the folds of reality and follow the river to a crimson delta. You spot an ashen statue protruding from the swampy muck and summon your courage to wade up to it ( Will.png -1). If you pass, you topple the statue and the dream with it; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the aroma of blood sickens you to your core; lose 1 Sanity. You wander for what feels like a lifetime among the forks of the crimson river, but there is not another soul to be seen. Lose 1 Sanity. Fatigue takes root within your body but you try to carry on ( Strength.png ). If you fail, you collapse from sheer exhaustion; lose 2 Health.
A raging inferno blazes around you, swallowing the home of your childhood in a pillar of fire. Though your ears hear only crackling flame, distant screams and pleas for help reverberate within your mind, and you struggle against the urge to dash into the burning house ( Will.png -1). Distancing yourself mentally from the horrific scene, you focus on the words of an incantation that will allow you to control the events of your dream ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, the fire flickers and dies; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the sinister flames grow only larger as all that you once knew is reduced to a smoldering pile of ash; lose 2 Sanity. The ravenous flames licks at your heels as you enter the smoke-filled house, and some of your belongings catch fire. Discard 1 Item possession. The house starts to collapse, and you know you must leave ( Observation.png ). If you fail, you are struck by falling debris; lose 2 Health.
You stand upon a rocky bluff amongst a small fathering of unfamiliar faces. You spot one of your companions nearby and realize that this must not be your dream. Your oat flaps wildly as the wind begins to pick up, and you plead with your friend to move away from the cliff edge ( Influence.png -1). The wind continues to pick up speed, and before long, it is all you can do to remain standing. You direct the flow of aether in the dream to calm the storm ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, the storm dissipates and the dream ends; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, the stinging winds rend the skin on your arms and face; lose 2 Health. A sudden gust of wind knocks your friend off balance, and in an instant, the dream is ended. Discard 1 Ally Asset. You reason with yourself that you did all that you could ( Will.png ). If you fail, you blame yourself; lose 1 Sanity and gain 1 Madness Condition.
You are standing in line at the bank, waiting for the teller to become available. Finally, you are next in queue, but the elderly woman just ahead of you seems to be causing a delay. Peering around her, you are enraged to see her counting pennies one at a time out of a giant sack ( Will.png -1). You tap the woman on the shoulder and politely ask if you may make a quick deposit ( Influence.png -1). If you pass, she happily agrees and shares her raisins with you before you leave; place 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, she writhes and twists as she transforms into a hideous abomination, slashing you with her grotesque laws; lose 2 Health. The absurdity is too much! Gain 1 Madness Condition. You realize with sudden clarity that you are surrounded not by bank patrons, but by ghouls. You try to ward the ghouls away ( Lore.png -1). If you fail, they tear at your flesh; lose 1 Health and 1 Sanity.
The sound of chanting fills your soul with indescribable dread, and you realize with horror that the voice of the chanter if your own. Your limbs move against your will, performing the somatic portion of the abhorrent summoning. You focus your energy on wresting control of your body ( Will.png -1). You work quickly to undo the magic that has already begun to bridge some unknown dimension with your dream ( Lore.png -1). If you pass, the summoning is ended; pace 1 Eldritch token on the active Mystery. If you fail, a shadow of what lies upon the other side of the threshold slips into your mind before your work is finished; gain 1 Madness Condition. Unable to stop, you spill your own blood as a catalyst, bringing the horrific thing into being. Lose 1 Health. The pain returns you to normal, and you try to evade the beast ( Observation.png -1). If you fail, it mains you; gain 1 Injury and 1 Madness Condition.
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