Eldritch Horror Wiki

Card Overview

Name: Dream of Lands Beyond
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 05
Under the Pyramids
Traits: Ongoing - Rumor
Color: Blue
Difficulty: Medium
Icons: Spawn Clues, Spawn Rumor (Shanghai), Place Eldritch Tokens (4)

Card Front

Flavor Text: Dozens of opium addicts have been discovered trapped in a catatonic state. Their minds are now conduits between reality and the world of dreams.
Effect: As an encounter, an investigator on Shanghai may attempt to free the victims from their catatonic state before dreams and reality become one (Observation). If he passes, he may spend Clues equal to half NoInvestigators to solve this Rumor.

When there are no Eldritch tokens on this card, spawn Gates equal to 2 + NoInvestigators; then solve this Rumor.

Reckoning: Discard 1 Eldritch token from this card.