Eldritch Horror Wiki

Quick Reference

Name: Dynamite
Card Type: Asset
Expansion: 01Core
Cost 3
Tags: Item - Weapon
Effect No
Action Yes
Skill Bonus: N/A
Reroll: N/A
Additional Dice: N/A
One-Shot: Yes
Reckoning N/A

Card Effect

Action: You may discard this card to cause each Monster on your space to lose 3 Health Health.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • Dynamite's effect is a completely legitimate way to damage an Epic Monster.
    • You still must have the prerequisite artifact, or meet other prerequisites, if any are required.


Dynamite's original text was "Action: Each monster on your space loses 3 Health, then discard this card."
That wording would allow Finn Edwards Finn Edwards to use Dynamite indefinitely, hence the errata.