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“The Once-Dominant Species”

Card Details


Rise of the Elder Things is an Ancient One from the Mountains of Madness expansion..


  • After an investigator resolves an Other World Encounter, he may move to Plateau of Leng.
  • When 4 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.
  • When Doom advances to zero, flip this sheet and resolve the “A Dark God Awakens!” effect on the back.


The players have 16 spaces on the Doom counter before the Elder Things rise.

Flavor Text

Eons ago, the elder things were driven underground by the changing climate, hibernating in the cities they had built into the mountains or in the depths of the ocean. With the disturbance of the Miskatonic Expedition, they have begun to reclaim the world they once dominated.


If you pass the lore test, you free the victim's mind from the alien magic; defeat this Monster and gain 1 random Ally Asset from the deck.


Set aside all Rise of the Elder Things Special Encounters. Set up the Antarctica side board.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 2 2 1
Stage II 3 3 1
Stage III 4 4 0