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The core game set of Eldritch Horror is required for play.

EH Box.jpg
Release 27 Nov 2013
Symbol None
Type Core Set
Board World Map
Investigators 12
Ancient Ones 4

Game Overview

Eldritch Horror is a cooperative game of investigation and horror inspired by the writings of H. P. Lovecraft. In each game, one of the Ancient Ones, a being of unimaginable power that predates time itself, is awakening.

Players take on the roles of investigators who are attempting to solve mysteries, defend humanity from unimaginable horrors, and ultimately banish the Ancient One from this world. If investigators fail at their task, the Ancient One awakens, and mankind is doomed.

Box Contents

Ancient Ones

Contains 4 Ancient Ones:


Azathoth has 4 Mysteries and 8 Research Encounters:

Azathoth Small.png
Mystery Type
Occult Research Research Encounter
Omen of Devastation Misc.
Seed of the Daemon Sultan Misc.
The True Name Eldritch Tokens


Cthulhu has 4 Mysteries, 8 Research Encounters and 6 Special Encounters (R'lyeh Risen):

Cthulhu Small.png
Mystery Type
R'lyeh Risen Special Encounter
The Deep Ones Attack! Eldritch Tokens
The Stars Are Right! Research Encounter
Watching The Stars Epic Monster


Shub-Niggurath has 4 Mysteries and 8 Research Encounters:

Shub-Niggurath Small.png
Mystery Type
Hunting the Thousand Misc.
Nature of the All-Mother Research Encounter
Rituals in the Wild Eldritch Tokens
Spawn of the Black Goat Epic Monster


Yog-Sothoth has 4 Mysteries, 8 Research Encounters and 6 Special Encounters (The Key and The Gate Final Mystery):

Yog-Sothoth Small.png
Mystery Type
Arcane Understanding Misc.
Spawn of Yog-Sothoth Epic Monster
The Beyond One Research Encounter
Where the Old Ones Broke Through Misc.


Contains 12 Investigators:


Contains 14 Artifacts:

Name Trait
Cultes des Goules Item, Tome
De Vermis Mysteriis Item, Tome
Flute of the Outer Gods Item, Magical
Gate Box Item, Magical
Glass of Mortlan Item, Magical
Grotesque Statue Item
Lightning Gun Item, Weapon, Magical
Mi-go Brain Case Item, Magical
Necronomicon Item, Tome
Pallid Mask Item, Magical
Ruby of R'lyeh Item, Magical
Sword of Saint Jerome Item, Weapon, Magical
T'tka Halot Item, Tome
The Silver Key Item, Magical


Contains 20 Spells:

Name Trait Count
Blessing of Isis Ritual 2
Clairvoyance Incantation 2
Conjuration Ritual 2
Feed the Mind Ritual 2
Flesh Ward Incantation 2
Instill Bravery Incantation 2
Mists of Releh Incantation 2
Plumb the Void Ritual 2
Shriveling Ritual 2
Wither Incantation 2


Contains 40 Assets:

Name Trait Value
.18 Derringer Trinket, Weapon 1
.38 Revolver Item, Weapon 1
.45 Automatic Item, Weapon 2
Agency Quarantine Service 4
Arcane Manuscripts Item, Tome 1
Arcane Scholar Ally 2
Arcane Tome Item, Tome 3
Axe Item, Weapon 2
Bandages Item 1
Bull Whip Item, Weapon 1
Carbine Rifle Item, Weapon 3
Cat Burglar Ally 1
Charter Flight Service 1
Delivery Service Service, Teamwork 1
Double-barreled Shotgun Item, Weapon 4
Dynamite Item, Weapon 3
Fine Clothes Item 2
Fishing Net Item 2
Hired Muscle Ally 2
Holy Cross Item 2
Holy Water Item, Magical 2
Kerosene Item 1
King James Bible Item, Tome 2
Lodge Researcher Ally 3
Lucky Cigarette Case Trinket 2
Lucky Rabbit's Foot Trinket 1
Personal Assistant Ally 2
Pocket Watch Trinket 1
Private Care Service 2
Private Investigator Ally 2
Protective Amulet Item 1
Puzzle Box Trinket 3
Sanctuary Service 2
Silver Twilight Ritual Service 3
Spirit Dagger Item, Weapon, Magical 2
Urban Guide Ally 4
Vatican Missionary Ally 2
Whiskey Item 1
Wireless Report Service, Teamwork 1
Witch Doctor Ally 3


Contains 36 Conditions:

Name Traits Count
Amnesia Madness 3
Back Injury Injury 3
Blessed Boon 3
Cursed Bane 3
Dark Pact Deal 3
Debt Deal, Common 6
Detained Restriction 3
Hallucinations Madness 3
Internal Injury Injury 3
Leg Injury Injury 3
Paranoia Madness 3


Mystery token.png
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Contains 43 Monsters (34 normal, 9 epic):

Name Class Count
Byakhee Normal 1
Color Out of Space Normal 1
Cultist Normal 5
Cthonian Normal 1
Cthulhu Epic 1
Cthylla Epic 1
Dark Young Normal 1
Deep One Normal 1
Dunwich Horror Epic 1
Elder Thing Normal 1
Ghost Normal 1
Ghoul Normal 2
Gnoph-Keh Normal 1
Goat Spawn Normal 2
Gug Normal 1
Hound of Tindalos Normal 1
Lloigor Normal 1
Maniac Normal 1
Mi-go Normal 1
Mummy Normal 1
Nightgaunt Normal 1
Nug Epic 1
Riot Normal 1
Serpent People Normal 1
Shoggoth Normal 1
Shub-Niggurath Epic 1
Skeleton Normal 1
Spinner of Webs Epic 1
Star Spawn Normal 1
Tick Tock Men Epic 1
Vampire Normal 1
Warlock Normal 1
Wind-Walker Epic 1
Witch Normal 1
Wraith Normal 1
Zombie Normal 1
Zombie Horde Epic 1