Epic Monster

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An Epic Monster is similar to a normal monster, but will never spawn randomly, and will only occur when spawned specifically through a Special Encounter, a Mystery, as part of a Reckoning effect, or if the Ancient One awakens.

Epic Monsters are treated like Monsters for all effects except as described below:

  • An Epic Monster cannot be defeated by any effect except losing Health equal to or greater than its toughness.
  • An Epic Monster can have its toughness reduced. As with normal monsters, if its toughness is reduced to zero, it is defeated.
  • An Epic Monster cannot be discarded.
  • An Epic Monster cannot be moved, except by an effect on its token or the component that spawned it.
  • Epic Monsters are never placed in the Monster cup.
  • When an Epic Monster is defeated, it is returned to the game box.
  • "Monster" refers to a Monster and/or an Epic Monster(s). "Non-Epic Monster" refers to a Monster but not an Epic Monster.
  • If a Monster and an Epic Monster share the same space during a Combat Encounter, the investigator MUST fight any and all Monsters before they fight the Epic Monster. They still fight the Epic Monster, even if the normal Monsters have not been defeated, but the normal Monsters must be fought first.
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