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Quick Reference

Name: Fine Clothes
Card Type: Asset
Expansion: 01Core
Cost 2
Tags: Item
Effect Yes
Action No
Skill Bonus: N/A
Reroll: N/A
Additional Dice: N/A
One-Shot: No
Reckoning N/A

Card Effect

Each 6 you roll when performing an Acquire Assets action counts as 2 successes.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

  • The "each 6 counts as 2 successes" effect is not a multiplication. If several effects tell you that "each 6 counts as 2 successes" then it's still just 2 successes per each 6 rolled.
  • The "each 6 you roll" wording refers to the final dice result, after all rerolls and other dice result manipulations are applied.


Preston Fairmont Preston Fairmont starts with this Asset.