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The first card-only expansion for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

FL Box.jpg
Release 30 April 2014
Symbol 02
Forsaken Lore
Type Card Only
Board None
Investigators 0
Ancient Ones 1

Game Overview

In the Forsaken Lore expansion, what the investigators previously thought they understood was all an illusion. Now the Ancient Ones have grown in power and stand ready to breach into our world.

This expansion includes a new Ancient One, Yig, as well as new Mystery cards for the existing Ancient Ones, hundreds of new stories to encounter, and new Artifacts, Assets, and Spells for investigators to wield against the Ancient Ones.

Box Contents

This expansion does not introduce any new mechanics and is the only one which does not contain any new investigators. Instead, it contains a lot of content tied to the base box, enhancing replayability with Encounter cards and upgrading the existing Ancient Ones.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains 1 new Ancient One and add new cards for the Ancient Ones from the 01Core game:


Yig has 6 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 8 Special Encounter cards (K'n-yan Unearthed).

Yig Small.png
Mystey Type
Crown of the Serpent Item Requirement
Descendants of Yig Epic Monster
K'n-yan Unearthed Special Encounter
Migration of Serpents Research Encounter
The Winged Serpent Epic Monster
Rise of the Serpent People Eldritch Tokens


Azathoth has 2 Mysteries listed here and 16 Research Encounter cards.

Azathoth Small.png
Mystey Type
The Green Flame Epic Monster
Voice of Azathoth Item Requirement


Cthulhu has 2 Mysteries listed here, 16 Research Encounter cards and 2 Special Encounter cards (R'lyeh Risen).

Cthulhu Small.png
Mystey Type
Queen of the Deep Ones Epic Monster
Threatening Seas Eldritch Tokens


Shub-Niggurath has 2 Mysteries listed here and 16 Research Encounter cards.

Shub-Niggurath Small.png
Mystey Type
Blasphemy of the Black Goat Epic Monster
Hour of the Moon Lens Eldritch Tokens


Yog-Sothoth has 2 Mysteries listed here, 16 Research Encounter cards and 10 Special Encounter cards (The Key and The Gate Final Mystery and Void Between Worlds).

Yog-Sothoth Small.png
Mystey Type
The Stone Circles Eldritch Tokens
Void Between Worlds Special Encounter


It contains the 8 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Cursed Sphere Item, Magical
Elixir of Life Item, Elixir
Milk of Shub-Niggurath Item, Elixir
Massa di Requiem per Shuggay Item, Tome
Satchel of the Void Item, Magical
Serpent Crown Item, Magical
Sword of Y'ha-Talla Item, Weapon, Magical
Zanthu Tablets Item, Tome


The box contains 28 Spell cards listed here. Each new spell has 4 variants, but it adds also 2 variants more for the core game spells.

Name Trait Count
Blessing of Isis Ritual 2
Clairvoyance Incantation 2
Conjuration Ritual 2
Feed the Mind Ritual 2
Flesh Ward Incantation 2
Healing Words Incantation 4
Instill Bravery Incantation 2
Mists of Releh Incantation 2
Plumb the Void Ritual 2
Poison Mist Ritual 4
Shriveling Ritual 2
Wither Incantation 2


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
.45 Colt Revolver Item, Weapon 1
Appeal to the Council Service 1
Bodyguard Ally 2
Conspiracy Theorist Ally, Reckoning 3
Elder Sign Trinket, Magical 2
Enchanted Blade Item, Weapon, Magical 3
Fresh Fruit Item 1
Intelligence Report Service 3
Lantern Item 1
Lucky Ring Trinket 3
Mystic Bounty Hunter Ally 2
Police Assistance Service 1
Police Ledger Item 1
Research Student Ally 1
Syndicate Agent Ally 2
Tear Gas Item, Weapon 1


It contains 24 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Amnesia Madness 1
Back Injury Injury 1
Blessed Boon 3
Cursed Bane 3
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 2
Detained Restriction 1
Hallucinations Madness 1
Internal Injury Injury 1
Leg Injury Injury 1
Lost in Time and Space Restriction 4
Paranoia Madness 1
Poisoned Illness 4


It also contains the 6 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
Drawn to Our World Blue Medium
Driven to Madness Yellow Medium
Evil Never Sleeps Green Hard
Tainted Rations Green Medium
The White Ship Blue Hard
Wanderlust Yellow Hard


The expansion contains 8 Monster tokens (1 normal, 7 epic).

Name Class Count
Children of Yig Epic 1
Cultist Normal 1
Doppelganger Epic 1
Hydra Epic 1
Tulzscha Epic 1
Winged Serpent Epic 1
Yeb Epic 1
Yig Epic 1