Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

The Bloated Woman's mourning,

The Pharaoh claims The Beast

Hear not the Dweller's warning,

The Messenger comes to feast.

Within the Haunter's Darkness

The Bloody Tongue doth snake,

The Black Wind roars across the sands,

The Lord of Kadath wakes.

Prelude Conditions

After resolving setup, if Nyarlathotep is the Ancient One, each investigator gains 1 Eldritch token and improves 1 skill of their choice. Then each investigator may gain 1 additional Eldritch token to gain a Boon Condition.

If Nyarlathotep is not the Ancient One, each investigator gains a Corruption condition and improves 2 skills of their choice.

During this game, when you have Eldritch tokens equal to or greater than your maximum Sanity, you are devoured.