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 The Professor


  • Action: Another investigator on your space improves 1 skill of his choice if your value for that skill is equal to or higher than his.
  • After resolving a Research Encounter, you may spend 1 Clue you gained from that encounter to improve 1 skill of your choice.

Flavor Text


"I have experience dealing with these sorts of horrors."


In the time since Harvey Walters earned his master's degree in journalism from Miskatonic University, a lot has happened to him. His journalistic career took him into the roles of mystic and psychic investigator, which in turn led him to earn doctorates in History and Archaeology. There is perhaps no sane man alive who knows more about the occult than Harvey. Now his ongoing struggle against the darkness has brought him back to his alma mater here in Arkham.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

Harvey left a message indicating that his wounds were severe and he was going into hiding, never to emerge or reveal his loaction. He left you everything he owned and a collection of arcane documents. Gain all of his possessions. His notes indicate a correlation between ancient texts that you struggle to interpret (Lore). If you pass, you find Harvey had made a signifcant discovery; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, the documents' meaning remains a mystery. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

You find Harvey's belongings in a neat pile in the ruined house. Gain all of his belongings. Whatever the cult had been doing here, Harvey had mopped it all up and taken their dark relics. After that, he disappeared. The police refuse to share their information without some convincing (Influence). If you pass, you learn that Harvey has taken over the cult and prepare for the worst; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, you are unprepared for Harvey's keen mind. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Team Role

On his own, Harvey is best suited to research encounters, or to gates if he has an item or another investigator to help defeat monsters. However, he works best as a support character in large games, where he can frequently make use of his action. He teams well with combat-oriented investigators like Mark Harrigan Mark Harrigan, able to round out their stats so they can deal with a greater variety of encounters.


While the name is not referential, the character of Harvey Walters resembles that of Henry Armitage.

One of the Investigators in the original Arkham Horror board game published by Chaosium in 1987, in which he was the yellow pawn.

Also, Harvey Walters is the sample character in the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game from Chaosium, used to illustrate character creation and how various game mechanics work. He first appeared in the 1st edition in 1981, and has served the same function in every edition since, up to the 7th edition in 2015. This probably makes him the original, and certainly oldest, game-related Investigator.