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"The Lord of Sleep"

Card Details


Hypnos is one of the Ancient Ones introduced in The Dreamlands expansion.


  • When an investigator performs a Rest action, he cannot recover both Health and Sanity.
  • Reckoning.png: Each investigator moves 1 space toward the nearest space on the Dreamlands side board unless he spends 1 Sanity.

Normal Victory

When 3 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.


The players have 12 spaces on the Doom counter before Hypnos awakens.

Flavor Text

Hypnos, Lord of Sleep, whispers softly to wayward dreamers, drawing them into his realm of madness.


If you pass the Will test, you free the dreamer from eternal slumber; defeat the Monster. If you pass the Strength test, gain 1 Madness Condition


Set aside all Hypnos Special Encounters. Setup the Dreamlands side board.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 0 2 1
Stage II 2 3 1
Stage III 3 4 0

List of Mysteries

Name Type
Master of Dreams Research Encounter
Descending the Steps Misc.
Visions of Hypnos Misc.
The Hubris of Man Artifact
Dream Within a Dream Special Encounter
Dreamwalker Special Encounter
Corona Borealis Special Encounter, Final Mystery