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Personal Story for Lola Hayes.

Flavor Text

You are addicted to the attention. The lights, the cameras, the interviewers and suitors -- all of it. Better yet, you can use your rising influence to guide the future to the light.

Personal Story

  • The first time you pass a test for each skill, place a matching Improvement token on this card. Then, if an Improvement token for each skill is on this card, discard this card and gain the Method Acting Reward.
  • When you have only Health 1 Health or Sanity 1 Sanity, discard this card and gain the Denouement Consequence.

Reward: Method Acting

  • When you gain this card, improve 2 Skills of your choice.
  • After you perform your action ability, you may perform 1 additional action.

Consequence: Denouement

  • Whenever you fail a test, discard 1 Improvement token. If you cannot, lose all of your Sanity Sanity. This loss of Sanity cannot be prevented.