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An Injury is a type of Condition. It is a physical ailment that the investigator may gain during the course of the game.

Injuries may be obtained through an Encounter, a Disaster, or occasionally through combat. Typically, they arise from failed skill checks.

An injury can be removed through a Rest Action, when the investigator rolls a die and may discard on a successful roll.

Injuries trigger upon Reckoning, and require the investigator to roll a Strength check, then flip the card if the roll fails.

The four types of injuries are Head Injury, Back Injury, Internal Injury, or Leg Injury. If a Head Injury triggers, it will always be discarded after it's effect is applied. A Leg Injury will usually flip, but might be discarded. A Back Injury or Internal Injury will usually be discarded, but might flip instead.

A Head Injury will prevent the player from recovering Sanity during rest while they have it. The other three types of injuries do not impede the character unless flipped.