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Istanbul is a location on the world map. An encounter on this space will likely improve an investigator's Influence.

Mentioned Places and Institutions

  • The Grand Bazaar
  • The Shunned Mosque
  • The Topkapi Museum

Mentioned Residents

  • Professor Azap
  • Sir Douglas Rutherford, British Ambassador
  • Theodorus Philetas, translator of the Necronomicon

Real World Location

Istanbul is a large city in Turkey. It was formerly Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.


ID # Expansion Encounter
1 01Core Inside the loud hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar, you negotiate to find a skilled instructor to tutor you (Influence-1). If you pass, improve 1 skill of your choice. If you fail, the instructor teaches you nothing; gain a Debt Condition to pay for his lessons.
2 01Core People from every walk of life can be found enjoying the cleansing steam of the Turkish baths. Inside, you'll eventually find an expert in any give field. You may become Delayed to improve 1 skill of your choice.
3 01Core Professor Azap at the Topkapi Museum is not easily impressed. Only serious scholars can earn his respect (Lore). If you pass, he offers you any help the institute can provide; improve Influence.
4 01Core You see a horrid apparition slowly ascending the stairs and have the immediate impulse to run away (Will). If you pass, you discover that it wants only to take revenge on the murderous cultists for all of their victims; improve Influence. If you fail, you are overcome by terror; gain a Madness Condition.
5 01Core The British Ambassador, Sir Douglas Rutherford, begs for your help. His child has been abducted by the Brothers of the Skin.[1] You may spend 1 Clue to find the cultists and recover the boy. If you do, improve Influence.
6 01Core Members of the Turkish parliament offer you help in exchange for clearing a group of cultists out of the Shunned Mosque.[2] Improve Influence. Inside, you interrupt a ritual and must resist the effect of its magical energies (Will). If you fail, lose Health 2 Health as your skin writhes across your body.
7 01Core A secret group of scholars has taken an interest in you. Improve Lore. They show you a shocking, ancient text written by Theodorus Philetas regarding his translation of the Necronomicon. His words deeply disturb you (Will). If you fail, lose Sanity 2 Sanity.
8 01Core You suspect that you are being followed. You use a reflective window to watch the people walking behind you (Observation). If you pass, you spot someone stalking you and escape into a mosque, and the imam there prays for your safety; gain a Blessed Condition. If you fail, the assassin finds you first; gain a Back Injury Condition.


  1. For more information about this, see the Brotherhood of the Skin on the H.P. Lovecraft Wiki.
  2. A place mentioned in the campaign Horror on the Orient Express of Chaosium's game Call of Cthulhu.