Eldritch Horror Wiki

A Location Encounter is a specific type of Encounter the player might gain during a game of Eldritch Horror. They take place in the named City spaces that occur around the map.

Unlike the General Encounter, a Location Encounter will usually trigger a specific effect, either through a skill check, or obtained automatically without one. Thus, a player who wants that effect to happen should head to that location and undertake an encounter there.

Location Expansion Common Effect
Alexandria 05
Under the Pyramids
Gain Glamour Spells
Arkham 01Core Gain Incantation Spells
The Bent Pyramid 05
Under the Pyramids
Gain Artifacts
Buenos Aries 01Core Gain Ritual Spells
Cairo 05
Under the Pyramids
Gain Relic Unique Asset
Celephais 07
The Dreamlands
Gain Tasks
Dylath-Leen 07
The Dreamlands
Gain Assets
Istanbul 01Core Improve Influence
London 01Core Spawn Clues
The Nile River 05
Under the Pyramids
Recover Health and Sanity
Rome 01Core Improve Will
The Sahara Desert 05
Under the Pyramids
Improve Skills
San Francisco 01Core Improve Observation
Shanghai 01Core Improve Lore
Sydney 01Core Improve Strength
Tel el-Amarna 05
Under the Pyramids
Gain Clues
Tokyo 01Core Defeat Monsters
Ulthar 07
The Dreamlands
Gain Talents