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World Map


The World Map game board is part of the Core Set.







1 Space 1 City SF, 4, 19 Anchorage, Alaska, USA
2 Space 2 Sea SF, TK Northeast of Hawaii, USA (not depicted)
3 Space 3 Sea BA, SY Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility (R'lyeh)
4 Space 4 Wilderness 1, 5 Ft. Providence, Canada
5 Space 5 City SF, AR, 4 Sioux Falls, SD/Minneapolis, MN/ Chigago Ilino
6 Space 6 City SF, AR, 7 Houston, Texas, USA
7 Space 7 City SF, AM, BA, 6, 8 Panama, Panama-
8 Space 8 Sea AR, BA, 7, 10 Bermuda Triangle Atlantis
9 Space 9 Wilderness AR Disko Island, Greenland
10 Space 10 Wilderness RM, PY, 8, 15 Dakar, Senegal
11 Space 11 Sea BA, 15 Inaccessible Island/Tristan de Cunha
12 Space 12 Sea BA, AN South Sandwich Islands
13 Space 13 Sea LN North of Franz-Josef Land (not depicted), Arctic Circle
14 Space 14 City RM, 16 Helsinki, Finland+
15 Space 15 City HA, 10, 11, 17, 18 Cape Town, South Africa
16 Space 16 City IS, TG, 14 Krasnoyarsk, Russia=
17 Space 17 City IS, HM, SH, 15, 20 Bombay (Mumbai), India
18 Space 18 Sea SY, 15 Port-aux-Francais, French Southern and Antarctic Lands
19 Space 19 Wilderness TG, SH, TK, 1 Beringovsky, Russia
20 Space 20 City SH, TK, SY, 17 Makassar, Indonesia~
21 Space 21 Wilderness SY Uluru, Northern Territories, Australia
AM The Amazon Wilderness BA, 7
PY The Pyramids Wilderness IS, RM, HA, 10 Connects to Pyramids Map
HA The Heart of Africa Wilderness PY, 15
HM The Himalayas Wilderness SH, 17
TG Tunguska Wilderness 16, 19
AN Antarctica Sea SY, 12 Connects to Antarctica Map
SF San Francisco City 1, 2, 5, 6, 7 Improve Observation
AR Arkham City 5, 6, 8, 9, LN Gain Incantation Spells
BA Buenos Aires City 3, 7, AM, 8, 11, 12 Gain Ritual Spells
LN London City 13, AR, RM Spawn Clue Tokens
RM Rome City LN, 10, PY, IS, 14 Improve Will
IS Istanbul City 16, 17, RM, PY Improve Influence
TK Tokyo City 19, SH, 2, 20 Defeat Monsters
SH Shanghai City 20, TK, 17, HM Improve Lore
SY Sydney City AN, 3, 18, 20, 21 Improve Strength

-Identified as Bogotá, Colombia by Tony Morgan's character sheet, but Bogotá, Colombia is land-locked. Panama would have had the travel routes indicated on the map.

+Mark Harrigan starts in Space 14, but his bio mentions being led to Helsinki, which would technically be further south than the point indicated on the map. It is also not St. Petersburg, although this would justify its connection to the Trans Siberian Railroad. The closest actual city would be Oulu, Finland, but I could not justify this as a location relevant to the game world.

=Trish Scarborough starts in Space 16, but her Bio mentions her finding herself in the city of Krasnoyarsk, which would be further southwest than the point indicated on the map. The point on the map is arguably closer to Novosibirsk, which is a much larger city. Both Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk are stops on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.

~Marie Lambeau starts in Space 20, but her Bio mentions being "sent to" the Kingdom of Sarawak, which is clearly not the map location indicated. Makassar is a port city with hundreds of years of cultural importance to both the east and west as a center of trade, and is pretty much spot on with the point on the map. If you need to, just imagine Marie was on her way to Sarawak but the game starts before she arrived.


The list generally identifies locations by their current names (e.g. Uluru vs. Ayer's Rock, Alaska as a state in the US).

The map is a Robinson projection, which makes identifying coordinates in the extremities and in the Pacific transition very difficult compared to the more common Mercator (which makes distance less reliable but aids orientation).

The locations have been given the best fit to the nearest point of interest relevant to the game (e.g. transportation hubs, ports, sites of ritual or religious significance).

Antarctica Map


The Antarctica Map game board was released with the Mountains of Madness expansion.


Number Name Type Connections Notes
MO Miskatonic Outpost 1 AN, LC, SM Connects to World Map
LC Lake Camp 1 MO, FW
FW Frozen Waste 1 LC, CET
CET City of the Elder Things 2 FW, PL
PL Plateau of Leng 2 CET
SM Snowy Mountains 2 MO

Pyramids Map


The Egypt Map game board was released with the Under the Pyramids expansion.


Number Name Type Connections Notes
AX Alexandria 1 PY, SD Connects to World Map
BP The Bent Pyramid 1 PY
CA Cairo 1 PY, 17 Connects to World Map
SD The Sahara Desert 2 AX, 10 Connects to World Map
TA Tel el-Amarna 2 PY, NR
NR The Nile River 2 TA, HA Connects to World Map

Dreamlands Map


The Dreamlands Map game board was released with The Dreamlands expansion.


Number Name Type Connections Notes
CL Celephaïs City KD, DY
DY Dylath-Leen City CL, MN, UL
EW The Enchanted Wood Wilderness UL Connects to World Map
MN The Moon Wilderness DY Connects to World Map
UW The Underworld Wilderness UL Connects to World Map
UL Ulthar City EW, DY, UW
KD Unknown Kadath Wilderness CL Connects to World Map