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London is a location on the world map. An encounter there is likely to spawn Clue Tokens.

Mentioned Places and Institutions

  • The Penhew Foundation
  • Scotland Yard
  • The Silver Twilight Lodge building
  • Soho

Real World Location

London is the capital city of England.


Location Encounters

ID # Expansion Encounter
1 01Core The Silver Twilight Lodge is locked up tight.[1] You look over the old building for a possible entrance (Observation). If you pass, the Lodge members are delighted by your ingenuity and offer their favor; gain a Blessed Condition. If you fail, you waste fruitless hours searching and become Delayed.
2 01Core Inside the Herefordshire Asylum, a patient asks you if you've seen the Yellow Sign. You listen to his story of the King in Yellow (Observation). If you pass, spawn 2 Clues. If you fail, his gibberish imprints itself onto your subconscious; gain a Hallucinations Condition.
3 01Core You peruse The Scoop, a tabloid paper that specializes in strange and lurid stories (Observation-1). If you pass, gain 1 Clue as you find a vital bit of information.
4 01Core In exchange for a generous donation, the Penhew Foundation will happily show the results of its global explorations.[2] You may gain a Debt Condition to gain 2 Clues.
5 01Core Impulsively, you look through the inspector's files while his back is turned. Spawn 1 Clue on a space of your choice. Unfortunately, he sees you, and you'll need to fight your way out of Scotland Yard (Strength). If you fail, gain a Detained Condition as there is no shortage of police to arrest you.
6 01Core You meet an eccentric painter in Soho who offers to show you his work. Amid his bizarre, alien landscapes, you notice some familiar details (Observation). If you pass, spawn 1 Clue on a space of your choice. If you fail, you see nothing but horrors; lose Sanity 1 Sanity.
7 01Core At the lecture of a noted archaeologist, he reveals startling information! Spawn 2 Clues. During the presentation, a stranger tries to sneak a scarab into your pocket (Observation). It is inscribed with words, "Cursed be he who moves my body. To him shall come fire, water, and pestilence."[3] If you fail, gain an Internal Injury Condition.
8 01Core You are invited to journey down to Oxford to examine John Dee's translation of the Necronomicon.[4] You may become Delayed to spawn 2 Clues.


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  2. An organization in the game Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game's Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion.
  3. An inscription on a scarab bracelet supposedly found inside King Tutankhamen's tomb in real life.
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