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The Dreamer


  • Action: Move to a space containing a Gate that corresponds to the current Omen.
  • During the Encounter Phase, you may spend 1 Focus or 1 Sanity to encounter a Gate on your space as if there are no Monsters on your space.

Flavor Text


"The key to the Dreamlands lies within us all."


Luke Robinson, through the gift of an unusual puzzle box from his uncle, discovered the entrance to the Dreamlands many years ago, and has since then spent the majority of his days wandering the land of dreams in search of adventure. From the streets of Celephaïs to the endless mysteries of the Enchanted Wood he wanders, unraveling the secrets of both the land and the myriad dreamers who reside there. Now an ancient chaos threatens to annihilate not only the waking world but the world of his dreams as well.

Defeated Encounters

Loss of Health

You find Luke in good spirits, despite his paralyzed body. He spends most of his days in the Dreamlands, exploring the glittering avenues of Celephaïs, and he has no use of his old adventuring gear. Gain all of his possessions. You try to convince him that there is still good that he could do (Influence). If you pass, he rallies the dreamers of Celephaïs against the forces of chaos that lurk in the Dreamlands; retreat Doom by 1. If you fail, he asks you to leave him to his dreams. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Loss of Sanity

When you finally track down Luke, he is delirious, and his things are stewn about the floor. Gain all of his possessions. He tells you that he can never sleeps again, lest he fall prey to Hypnos. You help perform a ritual to sever him from the lands of dreams (Lore). If you pass, he reminisces sadly about his time in the Dreamlands; gain 1 Walking the Ley Lines Unique Asset, then place the top Gate in the Gate stack on that card. If you fail, Luke fall asleep, never to wake. Whether you pass or not, discard his Investigator token.

Team Role

Luke Robinson's abilities clearly are suited towards closing gates. His ability to avoid fighting monsters to close gates is especially useful in the late game.

Rulings, clarifications, and reminders

The player controlling Luke chooses to start Luke on any space containing an open Gate. If, for any reason, there are no gates on the board, the player may choose any space to place Luke.


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