Eldritch Horror Wiki

Flavor Text

A shiver runs down your spine and your gut tells you that you are being watched. Against your instincts, you hold your pace, biding your tie.

You wait until a passing automobile careens down the street next to you to spin about, eyes darting about in search of the silent observer. Your eyes meet for a moment, the relief of a familiar face offset by something deeply unsettling in the eyes. Then. the shadowy figure vanishes into the night.

Prelude Conditions

Before resolving step 3 of setup ("Choose and place investigators"), draw 1 random Investigator sheet.

Place the corresponding Investigator token on its starting space as a defeated investigator. Place a Health token on the Investigator token. Place the defeated investigator's starting possessions, 1 random facedown Asset, and 1 Clue on his Investigator sheet.

After resolving setup, spawn the Doppelganger Epic Monster on the same space as the defeated investigator and advance Doom by 1.