Eldritch Horror Wiki

Madness is a type of Condition. They represent psychological problems that plague the investigators.

There are a wide variety of Madness conditions, and most are obtained through a Spell effect. the result of a failed check on an Encounter, a Mythos card, or even through some Monster effects.

There are six types of Madnesses: Amnesia, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Despair, Hunger, and Terror. Amnesia, Hallucinations, and Paranoia do not have any negative effects by themselves, and will discard on a Rest Action if the player rolls a 5 or a 6. All three also require a Will test on a Reckoning, and flip on failure. Amnesia will always be discarded after the Condition ends, while Hallucinations and Paranoia may or may not discard

Hunger and Terror prevent the player from recovering Sanity, and are discarded on a Rest Action when the player rolls a 4, 5, or 6. The player rolls a Will test on a Reckoning, and suffers a negative effect if they fail. Some variants will discard the condition after resolving the effect, and some will not.

Despair triggers on a Rest Action, and allows the player to roll a skill check. If they pass, they discard the card. If they fail, they suffer a negative effect and flip the card.