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The eighth expansion set for Eldritch Horror. Requires the core set to play.

MoN Box.jpg
Release 15 Feb 2018
Symbol 09
Masks of Nyarlathotep
Type Card + Mode
Board None
Investigators 7
Ancient Ones 2

Expansion Overview

In the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion, investigators must embark on an epic, world-spanning campaign to hinder the devious plots of multiple cults. Should they fail, Nyarlathotep, the Messenger of the Outer Gods, will succeed at opening the Great Gate and bringing doom upon the Earth.

This expansion includes two new Ancient Ones and new investigators, Monsters, and encounters. This expansion also features new mechanics, including Personal Stories, Unique Assets, Focus, and Resources. In addition, it introduces a new way to play: campaign mode.

Box Contents

This expansion introduces resource mechanics and Personal Stories. It uses Focus, Talent Conditions, Unique Assets, Preludes and Mystic Ruins Encounters. It also contains 12 Adventure cards.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains 2 Ancient Ones, listed here:


Antediluvium has 6 Mysteries listed here and 24 Research Encounter cards.

Antediluvium Small.png
Mystery Type
Dread Countenance Item Requirement, Misc.
Emerald Dreams Misc.
Sleeper Ascendant Misc.
The Order of Rising Stars Research Encounter
Through the Ages Mystic Ruins Encounter
Time Immemorial Eldritch Tokens


Nyarlathotep has 4 Mysteries listed below, 24 Research Encounter cards and 16 Special Encounter cards (City Beneath the Sands and Labyrinth of Queen Nitocris) linked to its adventures.

Nyarlathotep Small.png
Mystery Type
Brotherhood of the Dark Pharaoh Adventure
Cult of the Bloody Tongue Adventure
Cult of the Sand Bat Adventure
Order of the Bloated Woman Adventure


This box contains the 7 Investigators below:


It contains the 4 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Black Book Item, Tome
Black Fan Item, Magical
Hemisphere Map Item
True Magick Item, Tome


The box contains 4 variants of the Spell card:

Name Trait
Call the Storm Ritual


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
Ancient Manuscript Trinket, Relic, Tome 3
Astute Researcher Ally 2
Blessed Blade Item, Weapon, Magical, Relic 3
Chainsaw Item 3
Enchanted Jewelry Item, Magical, Relic 3
Expert's Blade Item, Magical, Relic, Weapon 2
Grim Lexicon Item, Tome 2
Grotesque Compendium Item, Tome 4
Museum Director Ally 4
Mystic Tome Item, Tome 3
Occult Tablet Item, Relic, Tome 3
Protective Totem Item, Magical, Relic 1
Scroll of Secrets Item, Tome 2
Timeworn Brand Item, Magical, Relic, Weapon 1
Treasured Memento Trinket 1
Vampiric Talisman Item, Magical, Relic 2

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 28 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Ancient Scroll Item - Relic, Tome 1
Cursed Tablet Item - Magical Relic 1
Dr. Ali Kafour Ally - Character 1
Eye of Darkness Item - Magical 1
Eye of Light Item - Magical 1
Jack Brady Ally - Character 1
Jake Williams Ally - Character 1
Lost Treasure Item - Magical Relic 1
Perplexing Idol Item - Magical Relic 1
Push It to the Limit Task 3
Sacred Icon Trinket - Magical Relic 1
Sacrifices to Make Task 3
Stone Calendar Item - Magical Relic 1
Stone Tablet Item - Relic 3
Tablet Shards Item - Relic 3
Tempted by Darkness Task 3
The Messenger Ally - Character 1
Wooden Puppet Ally - Magical Relic 1


It contains 24 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Corruption Bane 8
Headstrong Talent 2
Living Link Boon 4
Meditation Talent 2
Perceptive Talent 2
Practiced Talent 2
Resilient Talent 2
Silver Tongued Talent 2


The box contains 10 new Prelude cards listed here (4 more marked by a (*) are in duplicate with other expansions).

Prelude Mechanic used
Aid of the Elder Gods Dreamlands Side Board
The Archives Additional Spells
Army of Darkness Zombie Monsters
Beginning of the End * Azathoth
Call of Cthulhu * Cthulhu
Father of Serpents Yig
Harbinger of the Outer Gods Nyarlathotep
In the Lightless Chamber Egypt Side Board
Temptation Corruption Condition
The Dunwich Horror * Yog-Sothoth
The Stars Align Antediluvium
Twin Blasphemies of the Black Goat * Shub-Niggurath
Unto the Breach Ancient One Awakening
Wondrous Curios Relic Unique Asset


It also contains the 20 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
A Bomb in the Car! Yellow Medium
At All Costs Green Medium
Collector's Gift Green Easy
Dark Captivation Green Easy
Death of Innocence Green Medium
Echoes of a Past Life Green Easy
Edge of Reason Yellow Easy
Fair Winds Yellow Easy
Feast of Umordhoth Green Medium
Fruit of Labor Yellow Easy
Gaze Into The Abyss Yellow Hard
Leave the Rest Behind Yellow Easy
Night Terrors Green Medium
Prophecy Fulfilled Yellow Medium
Spreading Corruption Blue Hard
The Dead Stars Yellow Hard
The Forty Elephants Green Hard
The Rival Yellow Medium
Voice of Mammon Yellow Hard
With One Voice Green Hard


The expansion contains 15 Monster tokens (10 normal, 5 epic).

Name Class Count
Avian Thrall Normal 1
Cthulhu Epic 1
Ghoul Priest Normal 1
God of the Bloody Tongue Epic 1
Haunter of the Dark Epic 1
Honored Dead Normal 1
Jiangshi Normal 1
Mi-go Normal 1
Poltergeist Normal 1
Shoggoth Normal 1
Star Vampire Normal 1
The Bloated Woman Epic 1
Thrall Normal 1
Zombie Normal 1
Zombie Horde Epic 1