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Card Overview

Name: Mass Hysteria
Card Type: Mythos
Expansion: 06
Signs of Carcosa
Traits: Event
Color: Yellow
Difficulty: Medium
Icons: Advance Omen, Reckoning, Spawn Gates

Card Front

Flavor Text: Everywhere you go, people keep only those belongings that they think they need or they think will be valuable. They keep only what they can carry. The rest they burn or bury, fearing the inevitable looting that will come with the end of the world.
Effect: The Lead Investigator chooses a number between 0 and 3 and advances Doom by the chosen number.

Then search the Asset deck, discard pile, and reserve for all Assets with value equal to or greater than 2 plus the chosen number and return them to the game box.

Reckoning: N/A