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Wendy Adams small.png
Personal Story for Wendy Adams.

Flavor Text

You deduce from an unusual inscription on your father's amulet where he might have gone and set off to find him.

Personal Story

  • After resolving a Research Encounter, you may spend 3 Clues to place 1 random Clue faceup on this card. After resolving a location encounter on that space discard this card and gain the Reunited Reward.
  • When you gain a Bane, Illness, Injury, or Madness Condition, discard this card and gain the Downtrodden Consequence.

Reward: Reunited

  • Mythos card text effects cannot cause you to lose Health Health or Sanity Sanity.

Consequence: Downtrodden

  • When you fail a test, lose Sanity 1 Sanity.
  • You cannot be the Lead Investigator unless there is no other option.