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The first card + board expansion for Eldritch Horror . Requires the core set to play.

MoM Box.jpg
Release 18 Dec 2014
Symbol 03
Mountains of Madness
Type Card + Board
Board Antarctica Map
Investigators 8
Ancient Ones 2

Expansion Overview

The Mountains of Madness expansion leads investigators on the Miskatonic Expedition to Antarctica to discover the history of the elder things, an ancient alien race that was once the dominant species on Earth.

It includes new investigators, Ancient Ones, Monsters, and encounters to be used with Eldritch Horror. It also introduces entirely new mechanics including a new side board, Unique Assets, the Focus action, Task Assets, and of course, an adventure into the Mountains of Madness.

Box Contents

This expansion introduces Focus mechanics, Unique Assets and Preludes. It also introduces another new concept with its 12 Antarctica adventures.

Ancient Ones

The expansion contains the 2 Ancient Ones below:

Elder Things

The Elder Things has 8 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 16 Special Encounter cards (A Dark God Final Mystery and Mysterious Disappearances). It uses the Antarctica Map Board with its 32 encounter cards and 16 Antarctica research cards.

Elder Things Small.png
Mystey Type
An Alien Ritual Misc.
An Expedition Compromised Misc.
At the Mountains of Madness Eldritch Tokens
Binding the Dark God Misc.
Discovery of an Ancient Civilization Research Encounter
Invasion of the Elder Things Epic Monster, Item Requirement
Mysterious Disappearances Special Encounter
The Dark God's Prison Crumbles Misc.


Ithaqua has 6 Mysteries listed here, 24 Research Encounter cards and 8 Special Encounter cards (Exploring Hyperborea).

Ithaqua Small.png
Mystey Type
A Spreading Storm Research Encounter
Exploring Hyperborea Special Encounter
Growing Hunger Eldritch Tokens
Hyperborean Aurora Misc.
Supplying The North Item Requirement, Eldritch Tokens
The Gnoph-Keh Attack! Research Encounter, Misc.


This box contains the 8 Investigators below:


It contains the 8 Artifacts below:

Name Trait
Alien Device Item
Crystal of the Elder Things Item
Dhol Chants Item, Tome
Eltdown Shards Item, Tome
Heart of Winter Item
Hyperborean Crystal Item, Magical
Livre d'Ivon Item, Tome
Pnakotic Manuscripts Item, Tome


The box contains 16 Spell cards listed here. Each spell has 4 variants.

Name Trait
Arcane Insight Ritual
Banishment Ritual
Intervene Incantation
Storm of Spirits Incantation


It contains its 16 Asset cards, as we see here:

Name Trait Value
Astronomy Guidebook Item, Tome 2
Blunderbuss Item, Weapon 2
Courier Needed! Service 1
Cultist's Journal Item, Tome, Magical 3
Gambler's Dice Trinket 3
Genealogy Research Task 1
Investment Task 1
Map of the Ley Lines Item, Tome 4
Mineralogy Research Task 1
Monster Hunter Ally 3
Newspaper Report Task 1
Patrolling the Streets Task 1
Profane Tome Item, Tome 1
Secret Page Item, Tome 2
Search the Archives Service 2
Tome of Horrors Item, Tome 3

Unique Assets

This expansion contains 42 Unique Assets, listed here:

Name Trait Count
Anna Tilton Ally - Character 1
Antarctic Guide Ally 2
Constance Hawberk Ally - Character 1
Courier Run Task 4
Danforth Ally - Character 1
Dog Sled Ally 2
Dr. Hiram Upham Ally - Character 1
Esteban Herrero Ally - Character 1
Father Merluzzo Ally - Character 1
For the Greater Good Task 3
Henry Wilcox Ally - Character 1
Kid O'Brien Ally - Character 1
Old Journal Item - Tome 4
Professor Armitage Ally - Character 1
Provisions Item 4
Purifying The World Task 3
Sacrifices to Make Task 3
Sealing the Old Ones Task 3
Sir William Brinton Ally - Character 1
Walking the Ley Lines Task 3
William Dyer Ally - Character 1


It contains 32 Conditions cards, listed here:

Name Traits Count
Amnesia Madness 1
Blessed Boon 1
Cursed Bane 1
Dark Pact Deal 1
Debt Deal, Common 2
Detained Restriction 1
Funding Deal 4
Hunger Madness 4
Hunted Pursuit 4
Hypothermia Exposure 8
Infection Illness 4
Internal Injury Injury 1


The box contains 6 Prelude cards listed here.

Prelude Mechanic used
Beginning of the End Azathoth
Doomsayer from Antarctica Elder Things or Antarctica adventures
Key to Salvation Task Unique Assets
Rumors from the North Ithaqua
Ultimate Sacrifice Defeated Investigators
Unwilling Sacrifice Character Unique Assets


It also contains the 26 Mythos cards listed below:

Name Type Difficulty
A Brief Respite Yellow Easy
A Dark Path Green Hard
A Helping Hand Yellow Easy
Abandoned Goals Green Medium
Call to Duty Green Easy
Cold White Silence Blue Medium
Crime in the Streets Yellow Hard
Devourer of Stars Blue Easy
False Bargain Green Medium
Hindering Agony Green Medium
Impending Doom Yellow Hard
Losing Hope Green Hard
Mysterious Benefactor Yellow Easy
Outbreak! Yellow Hard
Prepared For Anything Green Easy
The Crawling Chaos Blue Hard
The End is Nigh Yellow Hard
The Horror in the Museum Blue Medium
The Time Has Come Green Hard
Time is Running Out Blue Medium
Twin Spawn of Cthulhu Blue Hard
Vile Wounds Green Medium


The expansion contains 22 Monster tokens (14 normal, 8 epic).

Name Class Count
Child of the Goat Normal 1
Crawling Chaos Epic 1
Crazed Elder Thing Epic 1
Cultist Normal 2
Dhole Normal 1
Flying Polyp Normal 1
Ghast Normal 1
Giant Penguin Normal 1
Hunting Horror Normal 1
Ithaqua Epic 1
Leng Spider Normal 1
Nctolhu Epic 1
Nctosa Epic 1
Proto-Shoggoth Normal 1
Rampaging Shoggoth Epic 1
Rhan-Teggoth Epic 1
Rat-thing Normal 1
Shan Normal 1
Tcho-tcho Normal 1
Wendigo Normal 1
Zombie Horde Epic 1