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"The Crawling Chaos"

Card Details


Nyarlathotep is one of the Ancient Ones introduced in Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion.


  • When you have Eldritch Tokens equal to or greater than your maximum Sanity, you are devoured.
  • Reckoning.png: Investigators as a group gain Eldritch Tokens equal to half the number of investigators.

Normal Victory

When 2 Mysteries have been solved, investigators win the game.


The players have 12 spaces on the Doom counter before Nyarlathotep awakens.

Flavor Text

He has many names and wears many faces. He alone of the Outer Gods walks the Earth, the puppetmaster pulling the strings of a thousand cults, wearing the masks of a thousand gods.


If you fail the Will test, gain a Corruption Condition; if you already have a Corruption Condition, gain 1 Eldritch Token instead.


Set aside all Nyarlathotep Special Encounters.

Mythos Deck

Stage I 1 2 1
Stage II 2 3 1
Stage III 2 4 0