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Personal Story for Michael McGlen.

Flavor Text

Louie was more to you than a friend. You are going to make damn sure they pay for what they did to him.

Personal Story

  • When you defeat a non-Epic Monster during a Combat Encounter, place that Monster on this card. Then, if the total toughness of Monster on this card is 10 or greater, discard this card and gain the For Louie Reward.
  • At the end of the Action Phase, if you have 2 or more Deal and/or Pursuit Conditions, discard this card and gain the On the Run Consequence.

Reward: For Louie

  • When you gain this card, recover Sanity 2 Sanity and improve Strength and Will.
  • Your maximum Sanity Sanity is increased by 2.

Consequence: On the Run

  • When you gain this card, impair your Influence twice.
  • You must perform the Travel action each round if able.